Pursuit Fitness was created in 2016. The goal for opening a new gym was to change the way people perceived exercise. At Pursuit Fitness members are challenged everyday to become their best. There are no standards or high expectations, except for the ones each member creates for themselves. With each workout encompassing a different goal, members are forced to set higher expectations for themselves constantly.  This concept allows members to move at their rate and to consistently keep coming back for more. Essentially everyone can adopt the gym motto, Pursue the Best You.


Train Hard


Like the Pursuit Motto "Pursue the best you", Pursuit Fitness wanted to create an annual event that all members can train for. No matter what skill level, age, or goal you may have, the Pursuit Games are a great opportunity to test all the hard work you put in. The Pursuit Games will encompass strength, skill, and stamina all in on jam packed 5 K obstacle race. More details will be released when the race gets closer, hurry up and sign up. Your commitment to the race will also give you an opportunity to support your local booster club. At Pursuit Fitness we believe in giving back and creating the best atmosphere for youth athletes and sports. 

Pursuit Power