What is The Race

  • The race is a 2K run with 10 obstacles staged throughout the largest sports complex in the world.

  • The Pursuit Games will feature 4 different sport obstacles along with various other obstacles that will test skill, strength, and stamina.

  • Sport obstacles include a soccer dribble, basketball bounce pass, football throw, and soccer kick.  


Who can race

  • The Pursuit Games incorporates skill, strength, and stamina all in one race for the whole family to participate in.

  • The race is designed for ages 6-16 yrs old. Parents are encouraged to join the fun!

  • Each obstacle is a different challenge, you won't find another race that offers this much variety of sports and fitness.



Race Times


Race time sign ups:

  • Age 17-18+ 7:00 am

  • Age 15-16 7:20 am

  • Age 15-16 7:40 am

  • Age 14-15 8:00 am

  • Age 14-15 8:20 am

  • Age 13-14 8:40 am

  • Age 13-14 9:00 am

  • Age 12-13 9:20 am

  • Age 12-13 9:40 am

  • Age 11-12 10:00 am

  • Age 11-12 10:20 am

  • Age 10-11 10:40 am

  • Age 10-11 11:00 am

  • Age 9-10 11:20 am

  • Age 8-10 11:40 am

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Train Hard


The Pursuit Games also feature special training packages designed specifically to prepare you for the obstacle race. Check out our packages online, and choose the best option that fits your training goals. 


Create Community

At Pursuit Fitness, our sole purpose is to bring opportunity to all kids no matter their skill level. The Games will bring awareness to nutrition, fitness, and healthy competition. More importantly the Pursuit Games will give back to all participating  sports teams and boosters, so kids can still enjoy playing the sports they love.

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